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The hottest trend this summer would definitely be the Kimono, and I have got to admit that I developed the craziest obsession ! From selections of fabrications like woven viscose to sheer chiffon’s; they are exceptionally comfortable, and the easiest way to spice up any outfit.  I have noticed that in most stores they are retailing at crazy high prices; and knowing how simple it is to make them, I have opted to do a little collection of my own.

It is as easy as this……

What you’ll need;


- a good pair of fabric scissors

- pins

- measuring tape

- approximately 2m of fabric .Viscose is my personal Favourite and is easiest fabric to cut

- Sewing Machine

- Optional; Fringing or crochet trim



Step 1.

Lay down the 2m x 1.2m piece of fabric. Fold the piece on half. Measure half of the width and mark a line dividing the folded fabric into 2 sides. Then cut on the marked line, on the top layer to the centre as seen below.

step 1

Step 2.

On the bottom corners, cut away squares of 35cm per side, as seen below.

Step 2

Step 3.

At the centre; on the fold line, cut away a semi circle on the top layer of the fabric only. This will be the neckline. Here you can shape as desired. See below.

Step 3

Step 4.

Place the fabric with right sides facing together(inside out). Then sew seams of approximately 1.5cm along the the edges of where the 35cm squares were cut away. Then to finish off, add a hem from one corner of the centre front sewing all the way to the bottom edge, on the front hem to the back then back up the other front and through the neckline.

That’s it! So spunl it up, you could too add a crochet trim or tassles to the hem.

Happy Sewing!