20 April 2015 • 



The colder days are slowly creeping in. As I am a complete Summer Girl; Sinusitis, icy cold hands and feet, I cannot help to feel the urge to go into early hibernation= DEPRESSION!! All I can imagine right now is to curl up underneath a snug blanket with a mug of hot chocolate with a book or watching a movie…or two. Waking up for work before the sun rises should be the biggest crime and blasting air con’s in office building should be illegal, I swear our’s only really works in Winter…TORTURE. My remedy for Winter 15 would definitely be The Poncho; it is the closest thing to snuggling up at my desk that I can get, and still look semi-sane. Bring on the Hot Chocolate and sniffles; I am ready for this(I hope) . Here are a few of my favourite Poncho finds; all from good old trusty Woolworths

Deco-Knit-Scarf-9340243194281 Jacquard-Coatigan-9340243188082 Striped-Poncho-9337902944950