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04 June 2015 •

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11 March 2015 •

If  you are a value shopper; make sure to pay Fashion Express stores a visit in the near future. Their new ad campaign has totally blown me away. There is a clear indication of  key items for Winter ; the boxy top, the parka, the full skirt and the ankle boot all at extremely low prices. I am a proud FEX girl and am excited to see what they have planned in the winter months to come!

IMG-20150311-WA0004 IMG-20150311-WA0006 (1)

08 March 2015 •

Autumn is slowly creeping in and I have found the strangest obsession with all things fatigue. I am on a hunt for an Olive Wool Coat amoungst many other goodies that would most likely feature on my Wednesday wishlist.

For some more inspiration …

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27 February 2015 •

Lately, all I have been seeing is Nike, Nike, and more Nike!! I am not the biggest sneaker lover, but this trend is really starting too grow on me.hmmm…which is your fave? I am loving the Grey’s and Black..

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15 January 2015 •

I’m so uber excited that it’s that time of the year again…January award season! I cant help but find myself glued to the tv ooh-ing and aah-ing at which designs the stars chose to wear each year; the first ceremony being the Golden Globes. Other than the obvious Black, there were pops of Cobalt and Canary. Many bold moves, by the likes of Rosamund Pike, Kate Hudson and Julia Goldani Telles all building up so much excitement for other ceremonies yet to come. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for The Academy Awards!

From Carolina Herrera to Zac Posen. Here are my personal favourites

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05 January 2015 •

Happy New year

Yay! A very Happy New year to all! I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions and the whole “New Year, New me game” . 2014 felt like a bit of a slump year; exhausting and emotionally draining. Work has been the most stressful (seriously!!), and I do not have too many “Great Memories” other than the obvious birthdays and times spent with the Bf and family. Hence I somehow feel obliged to set a few personal goals.

I want 2015 to be a year of change and to start new adventures.

Let’s see where this journey takes me…

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04 December 2014 •

The hottest trend this summer would definitely be the Kimono, and I have got to admit that I developed the craziest obsession ! From selections of fabrications like woven viscose to sheer chiffon’s; they are exceptionally comfortable, and the easiest way to spice up any outfit. I have noticed that in most stores they are retailing at crazy high prices; and knowing how simple it is to make them, I have opted to do a little collection of my own.

It is as easy as this……

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10 November 2014 •

After what felt like 10 years, Summer has finally arrived. I am literally bursting out of my boots for my much anticipated summer holiday.

What will you all be getting up to this summer? Most important…what will you be wearing?

Here is my list of summer must haves….

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28 August 2014 • ice ice

With Spring approaching I have developed a new obsession for pastels, especially the icy shade of Powder Blue. A very popular trend on The Spring 2014 Runway; as seen in ranges by Burberry, Prada and Jill Sander, Ice Blue is the hue to do this Spring.

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